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《老外怎么看》入围赛第一日:You Pro?你是职业选手?

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Game 1 MAD VS ISGThank god for Gnarmut.-Isurus didn't know Armut is basically a Gnar one trick.幸好有纳尔·穆特-ISG似乎不知道阿穆特是纳尔绝活哥Armut has a really big champion pool for an LEC top laner. He can play Astronaut Gnar, Dino Gnar, Snow day Gnar, Gentleman Gnar and much more Gnars-Small boomerang yordle and big rockthrowing yordle--Armut: Gl to other teams i added pink dino gnar to my poolArmut在LEC的上单中有着出众的英雄池:他可以玩恐龙纳尔,冰雪纳尔,绅士纳尔和许多许多其他的纳尔们-还有小回旋镖标纳尔和大石头纳尔Armut本人推特:祝我的对手们好运,我已经成功把粉红改·恐龙纳尔加入我的英雄池了

the horse is a horse of course of course-人马果然还是人马啊JEEZ MAN! Mumu and Ornn set up a near perfect CC chain for MF and she ults...the one non CC'ed champ!?笑死,木木和奥恩形成了一个控制链,然而女枪。。。大了一个没被控制的人

As expected, worlds in NA start with a clownfiest-A delayed clownfiesta像我期待的一样,NA举办的世界赛的第一场比赛果然是一群小丑-迟到的小丑嘉年华

Game 2 FNC VS EG前情提要:第一局比赛后延迟了快一个小时Spanish caster just said they dont know when they are going to be back from break because they are just beginning to install the computers in the FNC room... You have to be joking西班牙语的解说刚说了不知道他们什么时候可以开始比赛,原因是拳头刚刚才开始给FNC在房间里装机。。你tm在逗我吗

Picture of Jojo from before the pause startedJojo在比赛开始长这样

At this rate Hylissang's gonna make it to Mexico before the game starts.以这个速度Hylissang来得及赶上下一局FNC的游戏呢

NA has arrivedNA 来了

前情提要:Reddit的英雄联盟板块在这场比赛后结束的时候被锁住了,用户无法浏览无法发言MOD:Normally we lock submissions after a big upset/EUvsNA game to prevent queue flooding. Today, one of our mods accidentally locked the entire sub instead.We promise its not because we were embarassed at NA's performance. After all, if we locked the sub every time NA embarrassed itself at an international tournament it would be easier to just keep the sub locked until the end of groups stage.Reddit版主:正常来说当EU vs NA的比赛之后我们会把版面锁住不让发新帖以防服务器承受不住,但是用户们还是可以正常浏览和留言的。 今天我们的一个版主不小心把整个版面锁住了。我们在此保证不是因为我们觉得NA实在太丢脸了才把版面锁住的,毕竟如果我们每次在NA比赛中羞辱自己后结束后就把版面锁住的话,那我们不如直接把Reddit关到小组赛结束。

Seems like filling in for Hylissang also means inheriting his gigantic ballsack.-Only a half of it, he didn't even die, as a fnc fan I'm kinda disappointed, expected more from our support.给嗨了送替补代表着要继承他的蛋大心细吗-只继承嗨了,没继承送

Absolutely disgusting performance from Rhuckz never want to see that again. 0 deaths and didnt even walk into fountain at the end. There was absolutely no int in his play. This is not what I want to see from Fnatic support.-He needs to sit down and take notes from Hyli on his int games.. unacceptable not to die once as FNC support.令人反胃的Rhucks表现。 0死,甚至都不送泉。他一点都不送,这不是我想要的FNC辅助的表现。-Rhucks还需要在Hylissang身边修行,身为FNC辅助这是不可接受的。

i was expecting Upset to be jetlagged not EG-We were brainlagged. Its different and worse.substitute diff我以为Upset会有时差,没想到有时差的是EG-EG是脑差,和时差不一样替补差距

Game 3 LLL vs. BYGWell... at least their Valorant team is good.-Fun fact: Sacy from their Valorant team used to be a professional CBLOL ADC! He debuted in 2013 and quit in 2020 to pursue Valorant. A good career swap I would say.好吧,至少他们的瓦洛兰特队伍还是不错的-冷知识:他们瓦洛兰特队伍的Sacy以前是CBLOL的ADC。

That was certainly an interesting Hecarim build.-Pro players refuse to read a single patch note.-You've seen Eclipse Hecarim, You've seen Sunderer and Triforce Hecarim, You've seen Chemtank Hecarim, now experience no mythic Hecarim-Hey man, Frozen Heart was an auto-rush first item on top Hecarim...in 2015.这是个很。。有趣的人马出装-经典的职业选手不读版本更新-星蚀人马,分离者人马,三项人马,炼金罐人马。。现在在你面前的是无神话人马!-嘿man,人马第一件出冰心是主流出装。。。在2015的时候。

LLL going home with even more Ls-LLLLLLL要带着更多的L回家了-LLLL

Shoutouts to LLL for helping get the games back on schedule 。 sprinting it so that we don't have to stay up too late-感谢LLL帮我们把赛事时间带回正轨

Game 4 MAD vs IWget ahead earlyalmost throw in mid/latestill winYep, still same ol' MAD lions取得领先中期送一大波还是赢了还是那个令人怀念的MAD啊

You Pro?-你是职业选手?

I'm still waiting for Holy Phoenix to actually hit someone in a team fight. Any day now.- He pro?我还在等Holy Pheonix在团战中真正的输出,输出任何一个人都行。-他是职业选手?

Game 5 FNC vs CHFunholy mid gap-Tally made humanoid look like Chovy地狱般的中路差距-Tally让Humanoid看起来像Chovy

No scrims no problem-Can't have mental destroyed by bad scrims if you have none. Mega brained strat.-Can’t have drama if you don’t see your team看来不打训练赛也没什么问题(Upset并没有打训练赛)-不打训练赛就不会因为训练赛输太多而心态爆炸,高,太高了-不见队友可以极为有效的避免抓马

Game 6 DFM vs LLLWin or lose, Brazil is speedrunning- Brazil trying to fix Riot's schedule, again- Not all heroes wear capes不管输赢都在试图速通世界赛的巴西队-巴西还在试图拯救拳头的预定赛事时间-不是所有的超人都披着斗篷

Game 7 SGB vs IWEven my ARAM AP Kai'sa players are more aggressive than HolyPhoenix there.即使我大乱斗的ap卡莎队友都比Holy Pheonix打的有进攻性

mid zac 100% winrate at worlds nothing to see here也就普普通通的百分百胜率中单扎克,没啥好看的

6/1 Kaisa at 8th minDoes nothing the whole gameLose the game-Turkish Rekkles八分钟6/1的卡莎毫无作用然后输掉游戏-土耳其版Rekkles

Game 8 DRX vs RNGProps to RNG for bringing out the Evelynn bot laneRNG敢于拿出寡妇下路,值得鼓励

What a game from DRX, a real solid game minus that Baron steal.Mid lane supremacy from Zeka and DRX's bot lane were something else.That being said KenZhu with an absolute dogshit draft.-Classic RNG playing 3 patches behind for some reason-You don't pair Nilah with Ali. She needs an enchanter support to be used perfectlyDRX这场表现除了那波大龙被偷之外几乎无可挑剔,中路和下路神级的发挥啊对了,还有KenZhu狗屎一样的BP-经典RNG,掏出三个版本前的主流阵容

This seemed like a draft T1's coach would think is a good ideaT1的教练肯定觉得这是很不错的BPYeah, the West is screwed. Those were just the 4th seeds from LPL and LCK...-西方完蛋了,这些仅仅只是lpl和lck的4号种子。。。


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